E•PRESS - Heat Press Range

We all need a heat press! After testing with many manufactures from the far east, we
have sourced the best. The E•press range is ideal for DTG, sublimation, transfer, DTF, hot
melt and embroidery patch work.


Clamshell/Slide-out Base/Auto-opening & Threadable Semi-auto Heat Press. 400 x 500mm auto opening with drawer and pressure indicator.
With a hover function and pressure indicators for multiple press actions in one step. Pressure indicators allows you to easily store correct pressures taking the guess work out of production. The bottom platen has a convenient slide and is also thread able coupled with an ultra-wide opening angle – you won’t burn your knuckles!

An easy to read display and heavy duty aluminium heater panel delivers great heat with magnetic auto-opening.

Optional interchangeable bottom platens are also available.
Starting at just €980.00



Cap & Platen 2 in 1 Heat Press.
This press is a gem! The ability to apply transfers to caps and then place a 150 x 200mm flat platen for a wide range of products.

Umbrellas, back-packs, bags, shoes, rain wear, jacket pockets, shirt lapels, even hi-vis safety wear. There are loads of opportunities and an absolute must for DTF and transfer systems. I wouldn’t be without one.

The bottom platen is 250mm from the desktop so loading bulky items is easy. Now getting that image on the front of a back pack with straps is much easier, let alone multiple light pressings to nylon and heat sensitive material.

Starting at just €450.00


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