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ONE•STEP - Pre-Treat and Cure

The design of the new DTG PTM ONE•STEP had current DTG operators in mind. Its revolutionary design enables any DTG printer to increase their production at a fraction of the cost. Its patented design operates in 3 modes – firstly shirts are held in place with a vacuum system so when sprayed no air borne mist is seen – it drags pretreat solutions into the shirt so coverage is far superior to any pretreat device currently in the market – After pretreating a teflon squeegee flattens fibre while an air forced dryer rapidly pre dries the shirt to optimal levels before printing – Colours are sharper and with less ink used from the DTG printer as well.

“The PTM ONE•STEP will revolutionise the way a DTG production shop is operating. The ability to pre-treat and cure so much faster in ONE machine” Steve Richardson, CEO DTG Digital

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After printing the bottle neck or achilles heel for garment printers has always been correct curing, and while heat press and tunnel dryers are the preferred method. The PTM ONE•STEP has an inbuilt ink cure function that rapidly dries all standard pigment inks used with DTG printers. By a mixture of focused hot air dryers and a through shirt vacuum platen ink is cured in less than 70% of the time. A typical shirt can now be cured in under 30 seconds with any ink. A first, is only the inked area receives forced hot air from the top whilst being vacuumed through the printed area of the shirt. This targeted process rapid cures without scorch marks and provides a better hand and wash fastness overall.

“The PTM ONE•STEP has multiple patents, taken years to perfect and is truly an innovative technology. It will deliver superior results, faster.” Jon Cloake, Director R&D Impression Technology Manufacturing

Heat press and tunnel dryers stay on all day – consuming in some cases over €2000 a month in operating costs – The PTM ONE•STEP is heat on demand and operates from a standard wall plug and uses only 20% of the power of a heat press and much less than conventional tunnel dryers. This saving alone will have the PTM ONE•STEP paid for in months. The fact that it cures ink faster and feathers pre-treat spray so it is dramatically more accurate, all add up to the ultimate in pre-treat and cure for the growing DTG market.

stack of folded tshirts


  • A Maximum pre-treatment area of 19 ̋ x 15.5 ̋ (480 x 390mm)
  • Spray cycle time adjustable from 2 to 12 seconds
  • Oscillating vacuum spray chamber
  • Produces no misting or vertical lines
  • Automated fibre flattening
  • Adjustable spray length
  • Final cure reduces times by 50-70%
  • No air compressor or custom electrical wiring required
  • 60 to 80 shirt per hour production rates
  • Competitively priced at just €11950
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