Pre & Post Solutions for Textile Printers

DTG PTM PRE-T automatic pre-treatment

Maximum pre-treatment area: 19 ̋ x 15.5 ̋ (480 x 390mm)

Dual pre-treat tank system allows for machine to hold 2 pre-treatments for easy swapping (Light and Dark Pre-treat)

PRE•T - Automatic Pre-Treatment

The new direct-to-garment automatic pre-treatment PRE•T Machine by PTM Innovations allows anyone to pre-treat a shirt. Just set the amount of pre-treat you need, put the shirt in and push a button. That’s it.

This amazingly innovative machine can save you time and money in pre-treating perfectly every shirt, every time. Start pre-treating faster, better and more accurate with the PTM Innovations PRE•T.

  • Spray cycle time adjustable from 2 to 12 seconds
  • Completely enclosed spray chamber – no misting
  • Rotational shirt platen (load front or side)
  • Adjustable spray length
  • ACF-50 coated (anti corrosion film)
  • Single spray nozzle
  • No air compressor or custom electrical wiring

Sml to XXL no problem and literally any garment that needs folding will be professionally folded and bagged in a flash –

Super competitively priced at €2950 save literally €1000’s in labour per year – the PTM T.Fold will pay for itself in weeks! Let alone turn a hassle into a breeze

T•FOLD - Fast Garment Folding

Folding and bagging shirts is a huge hassle right?

The T•FOLD by PTM Innovations is the only answer without wasting loads of money and space. This bench top auto folder incorporates easy bagging into the operation. Sitting conveniently in a small footprint, and is ALL electric – NO air required. The PTM T•FOLD automatically folds and bags up to 360 shirts per hour.

The perfect addition to your embroidery, screen-print, DTG, transfer or sublimation business – and a real problem solver.

  • Folding speed: 4 sec./cycle
  • Bagging speed: 6 sec. average
  • Auto bag inflation
  • Folds S-XXXL shirts
  • Short and long sleeve shirts inc. hoodies
PTM Innovations One-Step pre-treat and cure

A maximum pre-treatment area of 19˝ x 15.5˝ (480 x 390mm)

Spray cycle time adjustable from 2 to 12 seconds

ONE•STEP - Pre-Treat and Cure

Imagine pre-treat, flatten fibre, spray better than ever and then dry. After printing rapid cure only the inked area from the same machine!!


  • Oscillating vacuum spray chamber
  • Produces no misting or vertical lines
  • Automated fiber flattening
  • Adjustable spray length
  • Final cure reduces times by 50-70%
  • No air compressor or custom electrical wiring required
  • 60 to 80 shirt per hour production rates
  • Competitively priced at just €11950

Ideal for shops with limited space – fits in a 4′ x 4′ (1.2 x 1.2mtr) footprint

Spacious 44″ x 24″ (600mm x 500mm) drawer chambers with independent heating controls and auto opening with operator alarms

HOT•BOX - DTG Vane Draw-dryer

An electric curing oven designed specifically for curing direct-to-garment water-based pigmented inks. With 2 drawers allowing it to be a convenient stand for all brands of desktop DTG printers.

The proprietary heating system actively removes moisture which is stored in the on-board waste water tank. Each individual drawer is auto opening and fully insulated with vane forced air circulation – it will deliver the ultimate radiant heat curing evenly, over any printed garment.

  • 2 individual drying chambers allow for maximum throughput (its wide enough for two large shirts per drawer or three smaller per drawer – overall efficiency of a 6 drawer drier with far less energy usag
  • Open fibre mesh drawer beds and vane forced air circulation means less energy needed for efficient ink curing
  • Perfect as a DTG work table – it’s so practical to have curing at the printer to minimise space and maximise efficiency
  • Cures both light and dark garments including polyester
  • All Omron® controllers for year on year dependability
  • Developed specifically for direct to garment curing applications
  • Energy efficient, high density, double walled thermal insulation
  • Variable vane airspeed control
  • Separate timer for each drying drawer – drawer opens automatically or on demand – user defined

E•PRESS - Ergonomic Press

The worlds lowest energy consumption auto opening heat press with Fingerlite® operation – a heat press that uses 1/100th of the energy of ANY HEATPRESS BRAND and requires less force in operation so it can be used consistently without fatigue.

Supported with safety barriers that detect when its not being used and auto hibernates until ready to be used – YES you can leave this on all day and will only heat up to temperature when being used.

  • EP•40 – Clamshell/Slide-out Base/Auto-opening & Threadable Semi-auto Heat Press. 400 x 500mm auto opening with drawer and pressure indicator.
  • EP•15 – Cap & Platen 2 in 1 Heat Press. Apply transfers to caps or place a 150 x 200mm flat platen for a wide range of products.

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