Pre & Post Solutions for Textile Printers

Modern Direct to Textile printers deliver excellent image quality, faster and more accurately than ever. However the process of completing your print jobs has remained unimproved for decades. Because what happens before you print, and after you print, uses the same tools and technology it always has.
PTM Innovations was born with that in mind.
Your process CAN be dramatically better. We can help you do more, produce more and earn more by providing you with tomorrow’s pre-treatment and post treatment solutions today.

The new direct-to-garment automatic pre-treatment PRE•T Machine by PTM Innovations allows anyone to pre-treat a shirt. Just set the amount of pre-treat you need, put the shirt in and push a button. That’s it…

Folding and bagging shirts is a huge hassle right?
The T•FOLD by PTM Innovations is the only answer without wasting loads of money and space. This bench top auto folder incorporates easy bagging into the operation…

A low energy transfer film designed to work with your DTG inks so you can now decorate all the products that a DTG cannot – those hard to load or impossible to print items can now benefit from the same ink and equipment technology…

Vacuum pre-treat system applying a superior mist free accurate pre-treat, auto flatten fibre and rapid dry ready for DTG printing in ONE•STEP! After print – Rapid ink After print – Rapid ink cure function with a mixture of focused…

An electric curing oven designed specifically for curing direct-to-garment water-based pigmented inks. With 2 drawers allowing it to be a convenient stand for all brands of desktop DTG printers The proprietary heating system …


The worlds lowest energy consumption auto opening heat press with Fingerlite® operation – a heat press that uses 1/100th of the energy of ANY HEATPRESS BRAND and requires less force in operation so it can be used consistently …


Perfect DTG Pre-treating Every shirt, every time

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PTM Innovations supplies pre and post production solutions for a broad range of manufacturing segments – whether Screen-printing, Embroidery, DTG or Transfer we are driven by better results and production speeds. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service, the broadest selection of products and the most competitive prices.

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PTM Innovations Applications

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PTM Innovations Pre-T got one of these dtg printers

Why a pre-treat machine saves money and enables better DTG printing

The PRE•T by PTM Innovations is the simplest, fastest and easiest way to pre-treat your t shirts before DTG direct to garment printing. The PTM Innovations Pre-Treat Machine [PRE•T] is the answer to perfectly pre-treating every shirt, every time. Pre-treating shirts normally involves an HVLP hand sprayer and a learned technique. This means it’s a challenge to train new employees or ask help from others involved in your business. The new PRE•T Machine by PTM Innovations allows anyone to pre-treat a shirt. Just set the amount of pre-treat you need, put the shirt in and push a button. That’s it. Start pre-treating faster, better and more accurate with the PTM Innovations PRE•T.

Good for any brand of DTG printer

This Pre-Treat Machine is good for use on any brand of DTG, Direct-to-Garment printers including, but not limited to: DTG M2, DTG M6, DTG G4, Epson F2100, Anajet Ricoh R1000,Polyprint, OMNI, Brother GTX Etc. We have found that Epson F2100 users have been really enjoying working with a machine like this. Finding it an accurate pre-treat process and taking the headache out of learning and perfecting the pre-treat process.

Speed up production and accuracy

The PTM Innovations PRE•T machine has been tested over and again to perfect the process for DTG printing. Anajet Ricoh and Brother GTX users have also had success in upgrading from a wagner hand sprayer to an automatic machine. The ability to place a shirt on the platen and just push a button, really steps up production and accuracy. People constantly ask things like: How to save money on pre-treat? How to pre-treat better? What are tricks and tips for pre-treating? All of these can be answered by simply upgrading from a hand sprayer, to a pre-treat machine.

Best investment for a DTG business

You have a state-of-the-art direct to garment printer, so you should work with a new pre-treat machine to get the best prints on your DTG printer with consistency. If you have a newer model like a Brother GTX or an EPSON F2100, you will find this machine is the perfect addition to your new business. If you are working with a classic machine like a DTG M2, Polyprint, Belquette MOD, Brother GTX or Anajet Ricoh R1000… you can upgrade your business and save time!

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